Bubble Ball Faqs
Is Bubble Football Safe?
Yes, but as with all sports, injuries can occur. FloridaBubbleBall.com recommends that you
wear shin pads and knee pads if you are worried about injury.

How many players do we need?
Bubble Ball can be played solo, duo, trio, or in multiple groups.
League football is 5 or 6 players (depending on the league) on the field at a time,
for private hire you need a minimum of 6-10 players?.

What shall I wear?
Ideally you would wear the same clothing you would wear to play soccer. (Shorts & T-shirt)

Is Bubble Football a mixed gender sport?
Yes, absolutely!

Whats the age, weight and height limit?
Age limit is 8 years and above. Weight Limit is 300 lbs. and height limit is 6’7”.

Can you play while drinking alcoholic drinks?
It’s frowned upon, but you will sign an release form, so the liability is yours.

Participating in bubble football is at Your Own Risk!
Remove everything from your pockets. Make sure harness is comfortable.
Hold the handles. Stay in the designated areas.

Don’t Roll Down Hills
Always be alert and ready to fall. Always be ready to brace for impact.
You can crash into each other and roll around.

Roll forward slowly and tuck your legs in.
(You may hurt your ankles/legs if you don’t tuck your legs in)

Only crash into people if they are standing up and are aware you are there.
(so they can brace for impact)

Let People Up
Do not hit anyone until they are fully upright and ready.

Please Take Note
Not suitable for anyone suffering from high blood pressure, any heart condition or epilepsy.
You must not use Bumper Balls if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or drugs,
have any back or neck problems or have had an operation within the past twelve months.
You must not use BumperBalls if you are undergoing any medical treatment or have any
other condition that may be affected by participating in such an activity.  You must always
obey all of the operator’s instructions.